The Richmond Adventure Mountain Bikers (RAM) Group was established in 2008 when Dieter Stapelberg and a group of volunteers took on the task of building 4 miles of mountain bike trails on the east property of Hayes Arboretum.

Hayes Mountain Bike Trails Address:

191 Hayes Arboretum Rd

Richmond, IN 47374

(Across from fire station)


We have since added another 2 miles and we are working on extending Yellow trail approximately another 1 mile. There are approximately 10 of us that volunteer on trails, but we’re always looking for more people. We are dedicated and we enjoy giving back to our community.

It is free to join RAM and comes with following benefits:

  • Free and unlimited access to this website
  • Trail status updates via the home page and the Hayes Mountain Bike Trail Maintenance Forum
  • E-mail updates on upcoming events

Interested in becoming a volunteer?