Hayes Arboretum Trail Marathon

Hayes Arboretum is hosting Richmond's first full marathon this Saturday (Feb 6th) starting at the Nature Center (801 Elks Road, Richmond IN 47374). Hayes Arboretum Page excerpt, "Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting for all participants is at 8:45am day of race. COURSE: The course consists of 6.5 mi loops through rolling topography on old gravel service roads and single track mountain bike trails. Decide your distance when you sign up. You can choose between: 1 loop (10k+) 2 loops (1/2 Marathon) 4 loops (Full Marathon)" For additional details visit the event page on their website by clicking on the following link: Hayes Arboretum Trail Marathon...
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Winter Riding

It's been a couple of years since we've able to ride the Hayes Arboretum Mountain Bike Trails, so this write up is just to get everyone up to speed on how to ride the trails and to prepare yourself. The Red Trail was built and several sections added to the other trails last year, so they are not completely packed down. This combined with the warmer-than-normal weather has made it difficult to have a lot of riding time this winter. Basically, if it's above freezing don't ride the trails, as they will be too muddy to ride without damaging them. Do the volunteers a favor and follow this rule. You can see the status of the trails on the home page of this website any time. Riding gear is, of course, very important. Wear thermal underwear, Neoprene gloves and shoe covers; if you have some (they're about $15). Keep hydrated! Just because it's cold doesn't mean that your not sweating and losing water....
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